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 Pets friendly Rental  en Vendée

Pets friendly Rental


 Pets friendly Rental

Rental Gites Vendée  pets friendly allowed by the isolated cottage of Vigneronde. Our gite Vendeeallows you to enjoy your holiday with your pets. Here your pets, dogs and cats will spendwith you unforgettable holidays. A house in the middle of a hectare of meadows and woods, guarantees the safety of your pet. No dangerous road, no neighbors, no competition for your animal or even an owner to check on you, you will have the peace ofa carefree stay. Vacation with his dog

A rent French holiday gite in Vendée

The Cottage of Vigneronde, a house built of stone, lime and oak can accommodate afamily of 3 to 6 people and your pet. It may take a field of 10,000 m² to let off steam.Around the field? As grassland. The field is lined with hedges and wild natural. There isno wall or even a fence that could hurt your dog or cat.

For information, visit our website. There is a video on the home page that will give you an accurate preview of future rental vacation with your pet friendly.

This gite Vendee pets allowed is specially recommended by Gite nature and isolated cottage in the Vendée.

Partner and member of the association Vendee Holiday section, this holiday has been selected for the quality of its structure and its host.
A rare and isolated cottage to my knowledge unparalleled in the Vendée. Gites Vendée  pets allowed.

A Pets friendly Rental, Gîte , Vacation rental in French hlidays in France.


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Pour connaître les dates disponibles, il vous suffit de remplir un simple formulaire, nous allons vous répondre dans les plus brefs délais.

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