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Visiting the Marais Poitevin en Vendée

Visiting the Marais Poitevin


Visiting the Marais Poitevin

To the west of Niort you will find the Marais-Poitevin", when temperatures reach the unbearably hot, you'll be glad to seek out the cool, shady paradise of the Marais Poitevin or "Green Venice. A trip to the beach is not the only way to enjoy June, August and July's beautiful weather a refreshing alternative can be privided by a visit to the lush green countryside and myriad of waterways that make up the wetland marshes of the Marais Poitevin or Venise Verte.






Comfortably sat in a flat boat let behave by a guide who will tell you the history and the life of the Swamp from Marais Poitevin either leave only by chance!

We can get themselves maps which describe each of six marked out circuits.The natural, unspoilt environment is perfect for walking, cycling and boating, and the inhabitants of the colourful villages that are dotted around the Marais have made these activities easily accessible for tourists by supplying plenty of choice in the way of boat and bike.

Swamp from Poitou Cottage, cottage in the South vendee. I would like to share some places which I like quite particularly. Coulon is the city the most known for the Swamp-inhabitant of Poitou and is considered as the "capital" in Venice Verte.Wildlife, including otters and the not-so-popular coypu, is abundant, with the Marais forming a stopping place for migatory birds. There is an ornithological park where all family can see and learn about 70 differents species. It is so here that we find the biggest activity in summer in particular due to the large number of landing stages for the walks in boat. Coulon is not in the "heart" of the swamp. I invite you to sink more in the direction of the villages of Arçais, Damvix and Maillezais. The small village of Garette has so a lot of charm !


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Location maison vacances isolée

Location maison vacances isolée, dans un gîte isolé, une maison isolée en Vendée , location de vacances isolée vendee, une location de vacances de authentique Insolite et isolée pour des vacances tranquilles

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Visiting the Marais Poitevin

Visiting the Marais Poitevin also known as the Venise Vert , a beautiful swamp area between the Park of Le Puy du Fou and the swamp Poitevin.

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Les Médiévales de Mélusine

Vouvant, l’association les Riches Heures Culturelles de Mélusine vous invite à vivre un programme d’animations randonnée Les Médiévales de Vouvant

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Gite près du Puy du Fou acceptant les animaux

Un gite près du Puy du Fou acceptant les animaux, l'association Vendée Côté Vacances propose des hébergements de qualité pour accueillir une famille avec son animal de compagnie.

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